Jan Tervoort Studios/JCT Gallery

Jan Tervoort, born 1955, started his atelier Artlife on Bali in 1995 and returns to the Netherlands in 2005.

Around 2007 his realistic work changed into abstract.

In 2014 he was a participant in the Amsterdam Light Festival

with an ode to his teacher the Tjech masterpainter Lois Kapr.

He made a Hong Kong exhibition inspired by the work of Vincent van Gogh 

and during the last 10 years he sells his work through international art fairs.

About his work:

I like to experience, to start all over again and again.

On grammar school the first pages of my notebooks were excellent. 

After a while I Ioose interest. That's me.

My free work is a reflexion.


I work for companies such as Heineken and Mecanoo Architects

I know the importance of an agreement.


I started my gallery 4 years ago because I want to support great artists.


Adress: Noordeinde 80 - Monnickendam - - 0031(0)6 109 127 25

Instagram: j.c. tervoort