The official opening of the Contemporary Art Gallery by Jan Tervoort

"I want to make the Meidoorn School an interactive place for everyone.
This includes holding lectures, exhibitions and family constellations,
but also making classical music. Everything based on connecting with each other.
My art is the energy that drives everything brings each other together"

“The Meidoornschool on the Meidoornstraat in Volendam covers the entire street.
Where before children played and learned, now is being played with Art.
Art with a capital A because Art takes on a different meaning here.
I want to take a new path in the world of Art with the Meidoornschool in Volendam.” 

Jan Tervoort




Guests will follow a fascinating path through 5 exhibitions,
each room with a different series of works by the artist combined into the general concept “De Weg”.
Each series of works has its own history of creation, a new experiment and discovery.
Each exhibition reflects a certain period of the artist’s life and mood.
At the end of every road there is a new question: Are you ready for a new experiment?
Guests will learn about this in the workshop room.

"Everything happened and had to go fast, fast, fast, so I missed the essence.
I heard people say that they really appreciated my work, but it didn't really get through to me.
Without realizing it, I had lost my way. Until I realized that my path presents itself every day and I only have to follow it.
I call it 'the path of humanity'. It started with a different way of thinking about the people around me.
I saw that my life is always about me. How I felt, whether I did my best, about what I wanted to achieve,
about good and bad, about my work, etc. I thought that was normal. My life is about me, right?"

Jan Tervoort